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Dust Bowl Brought to Life!

Posted Date: 04/01/2022

Dust Bowl Brought to Life!

Fifth grade traveled back in time to the 1930's the setting of their new read aloud: Out of the Dust. The children had to don bandannas to protect and keep the dust out of their noses and mouths. The students entered a dark classroom with the sounds of a dust storm howling it's greeting. The children found their places at the table. There was sand all over the tables, plates and cups. All the plates, and cups were set upside down- dining rules and hidden under the plates were their new books. Ms. Daniels read the Dining Rules section from the book to reveal / what they would be reading. She counted to three and said "now!" The students turned/flipped their plates over and saw their new book.

The students learned some background knowledge through video clips about the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. The students completed a Flipgrid Activity answering the questions:

1. What did you learn about the Dust Bowl?

2. What do you wonder about the Dust Bowl?

3. What character traits did the farmers need to survive the Dust Bowl?