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Arkansas Guide for Life Week

Posted Date: 03/18/2021

Arkansas Guide for Life Week

This week, March 15-19, has been declared as G.U.I.D.E for Life week by Governor Asa Hutchinson!

Here is a quick video to show what the G.U.I.D.E. for Life is all about!

Westside has celebrated the G.U.I.D.E. for Life this week through Counseling with Ms. Page. 

Students watched a book during their lunch to learn about G (Growth). Each day this week they learn about what the different letters G.U.I.D.E mean! K-2 had “My Many Colored Days” by Dr. Seuss read to them, while grades 3-5 read “In My Heart” by Jo Witek!

We learned about the U (Understand) in G.U.I.D.E. The U teaches us to understand ourselves. Grades K-2 read, “Be Who You Are”. Grades 3-5 read, “Reflection in Me”. Great books to find on YouTube tonight and read together!

WES kids learned about the I in G.U.I.D.E for Life! I stands for Interaction. Interaction is about building relationships and helping others. K-2 read “Listen Better Kids with Howard B Wigglebottom” and 3-5 “Always Be A Good Sport.

Our next G.U.I.D.E for Life letter is D (Decisions). K-2 is learning about decision making in their counseling classes this week. They talked about some decisions they make on a daily basis and how that can have a positive impact or a consequence. All students also watched a video about Internet Safety today.

Our last G.U.I.D.E for Life letter is E. E stands for Empathy. Students in K-2 will read Hey, Little Ant. Students in 3-5 will read All About Empathy for Kids. 

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