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Week of September 13-17

Posted Date: 09/10/2021

Week of September 13-17


Over the next few weeks, in counseling class, we will be talking about Growth Mindset. We will be discussing strategies on how to keep a growth mindset daily and things we can do when we aren’t having great days. 

Below are images explaining what Growth Mindset is and how we as parents can encourage it at home!

gm1    gm2

We will also be discussing Gratitude through Character Strong!


Reminder: 5th graders, if you are interested in being an ambassador please see Mrs. Page or your teachers to get the application or have any questions.

Ambassador Deadlines 2021-2022


Parent Permission Due: September 10th 

Student Application & Essay Due: Sept 10

Teacher Input Due: Sept 10

Conduct Interviews: Sept 20-22

Announce at Spirit Day: October 1st

If you have any questions or need anything, please do not hesitate to contact her.  or 501-679-1029