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Week of September 20-24

Posted Date: 09/17/2021

Week of September 20-24


We are continuing our Growth Mindset lessons for all grades! Here are some more ways you can practice Growth Mindset in your home. 

We are also learning about gratitude while being flexible. Sometimes being flexible can be frustrating, but if we look for the good and what we are thankful for, then going with the flow comes easier. Below are some conversation starters to continue the conversation at home.



Gratitude Conversation Starters

  • Talk about why you were grateful for the teachers and mentors in your life then ask your children why they are grateful for theirs. Have they had a favorite teacher? If so, who? What makes that teacher a favorite? If they haven’t had a favorite yet, find out what makes a great teacher in their eyes.

  • Gratitude takes practice! What can we do as a family to work on expressing Gratitude more regularly to each other and those around us?

  • Discuss why you are grateful for your child. Be specific: who are they? How do they make you feel? Ask them what they are grateful for about your family, your home, your neighborhood, etc..


5th Grade- Ambassador Interviews start this week. Mrs. Page sent home a slip with what time your child will interview. Can’t wait to chat with these kiddos about their strengths! 

If you have any questions or need anything, please do not hesitate to contact her.  or 501-679-1029